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About Us and the Neighbor Nexus

Our goal at Neighbor Nexus is to be simple, useful, and fun. We want to provide a friendly neighborhood website that is a nexus point of relevant information between neighborhoods, local businesses, and local schools. The company is a distributed team of your local neighbors. Thank you for using us! We want to be your web tool of choice in the neighborhood.

Some Frequently Asked Questions of Neighbor Nexus


You've got questions? We've got answers!

Q: What is Neighbor Nexus?
A: Your Wilson Heights neighborhood website for neighborhood classified ads, deals from local businesses, neighbor reviews, things to do, forums, and more.
Q: What can I use Neighbor Nexus for?
A: Neighbor Nexus focuses on practical information centered on your Wilson Heights neighborhood, including interactions with neighbors, local businesses, and other nearby neighborhoods. Specifically, you can use Neighbor Nexus to:
  • Post a classified ad to sell or give away your old TV to Wilson Heights neighbors
  • Check out great deals and coupons from local businesses right outside yourWilson Heights neighborhood
  • Find a great contractor, doctor, roofer, etc recommended by your Wilson Heights neighbors
  • Post your yardsale for other local neighborhoods to see
  • See reviews from local Wilson Heights neighbors that you know and trust, not some random boob on the internet
  • Check out local “Things to Do” close to your neighborhood, including daytrips or activities with kids
  • Find a trusted, Wilson Heights neighborhood babysitter
  • Send out an alert for a Lost Dog to your local neighborhoods
  • Have a Wilson Heights “Home of the Month” contest, and vote real time on your neighbors’ houses
  • Participate in Wilson Heights neighborhood discussion boards
  • Make a Wilson Heights neighborhood announcement congratulating your High School Football Team
  • And, of course, more…(notice the emphasis on your Wilson Heights neighborhood)
Q: How much do I have to pay to use Neighbor Nexus?
A: Nothing. Zilch. Zippo. Neighbor Nexus is free and always will be.
Q: Where is Neighbor Nexus located?
A: Neighbor Nexus was founded in Hampton Roads, Virginia in 2012.
Q: I don't see my neighborhood. How do I find it?
A: You can search for the name of your neighborhood here. If you don't see your neighborhood listed please let us know, and we will add it to the family.
Q: Privacy? Eek, will everyone on the Internet know where I live?
A: No. Your account is associated with your entire neighborhood, and not your individual address. In fact, we will never even ask for your physical address. You can remain completely anonymous and still participate and utilize the useful features of Neighbor Nexus. Your email will never be shared with parties outside of Neighbor Nexus. You can choose to share your email address with your neighbors if you want to, but that is entirely up to you, not to us. Also, if you desire, you can electronically ‘move’ to another neighborhood by clicking the Not Your Neighborhood link in the upper right corner of every webpage. We believe in and encourage joining other named neighborhoods to get to know other neighbors. You can always come back to your home neighborhood if desired. You can check out the details of the Neighbor Nexus Privacy Policy here.
Q: How does Neighbor Nexus support its operations?
A: The Local Deals from businesses around your neighborhood. You benefit from coupons and promotions from businesses near your home, while they benefit from a channel to make you aware of them. You can vote on the quality of the deals so that the best ones float to the top. This is an incentive for your local businesses to provide great deals if they want to be visible at the top of your particular neighborhood.
Q: Are all classified ads free?
A: Yup. Free.
Q: Is Neighbor Nexus hiring?
A: We wish! We're in start-up mode, so we are always looking for talented volunteers. Send us a resume if you'd like to help us turn Neighbor Nexus into a market force for good.
Q: How do I contact Neighbor Nexus with other questions?
A: Send us a note via our Contact Form, and we'll answer as soon as we can. You can also check out the Help Pages for additional information.
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