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The Skinny Dip - Hanbury Commons

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We are the Y'Original self-serve frozen yogurt bar of Hampton Roads! All you do is pick a bowl, fill it with what ever frozen yogurt and topping combinations your heart desires, then place it on the scale to find out the weight and price! We have 8 Hampton Roads locations; each locations flavors are different. However, every location will have Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla each day of the week! Most stores offer a Vegan-Soy option and a No Sugar Added option! Come give us a try!!!! You won't regret it!!!


237 Hanbury Road East
Chesapeake, VA 23322
United States
36° 41' 9.6288" N, 76° 13' 27.9804" W
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creditas's picture
Rated: May 2013
Tasty - but by no means "Skinny"
2 neighbors found this review helpful
The frozen yogurt at the Skinny Dip tastes good. Very good. But honestly, when you drop 16grams of sugar on 4oz of any product, it's going to taste good. And...[Read More]
My rating:
Price/person: under $10
Dress code: Casual
Atmosphere: Fast food-like
Crowd: Usually pretty empty
Children?: Bring 'em on!
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    Rated: May 2013
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