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Terebinth Patisserie & Bistro - Greenbrier

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The name Terebinth (ter·e·binth) comes from a tree that thrives in a desert area where it's roots go deep, and is often compared to the Oak tree. Here at Terebinth Patisserie & Bistro we invite you to enjoy our specially selected teas, chef prepared, handcrafted soups, and panini, like our award winning Lemon Honey Chicken salad on our housemade bread, delicious salads, as well as bistro entrees. Our seasonally flavored succulent braised beef will have you calling home to mama! Of couse, no meal is complete without dessert, and at Terebinth we make exquisite french macarons, specialty cakes, tarts, whoppie pies, and more!


717 Eden Way N Suite 610
Chesapeake, VA 23320
United States
36° 46' 18.6672" N, 76° 14' 12.1344" W
Electronic Contact
(757) 410-0900
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Rated: Oct 2013
Heaven in Chesapeake
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If you are looking for a slice of heaven in Chesapeake, then you definitely need to stop by Terebinth Patisserie...[Read More]
My rating:
Value: Priced just right
Appearance: Stylish and chic
Contact: Fast / With a human
Courtesy: You can feel the love
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