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1. 1.80 mi from Las Gaviotas
Bells Mill Park

Nature's oasis in the very heart of Chesapeake! Runners, dog lovers, and birders alike will enjoy this easy-to-access respite from the suburban sprawl of central Chesapeake. Literally located right behind the...[Read More]

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2. 2.03 mi from Las Gaviotas
Chesapeake Planetarium

I never knew we could explore other worlds right here on Cedar Road! The Chesapeake Planetarium is a throwback to the days of Sputnik, and is the coziest science center I've ever been in. Owned and operated by...[Read More]

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3. 2.38 mi from Las Gaviotas
Great Bridge Lock Park - Chess match!

Play chess under the trees at Great Bridge Lock Park. The city has packed a lot of things to do in such a small area. I think it's one of the prettier spots in the civic center of Chesapeake. You can watch the p...[Read More]

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4. 3.55 mi from Las Gaviotas
Oak Grove Lake Park

If you want to add a little scenery to your walking / jogging routine, Oak Grove Lake Park is the place to come. You can't miss it as you zoom past on the Chesapeake Expressway. The real challenge is actually g...[Read More]

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5. 5.92 mi from Las Gaviotas
Dismal Swamp Canal Trail

If you asked me to name four dreary, off-putting words in the English language, I would give you Dismal and Swamp and Canal and Trail, in that order. So my expectations were pretty darn low when I decided to fin...[Read More]

Kids Free
6. 7.43 mi from Las Gaviotas
Bunch Walnuts Road Bridge

Bunch Walnuts Road? Strange name, so I had to check it out. Drive south on highway 17/Dominion Blvd towards N. Carolina. Take a left down Douglas Road, then take a right on Bunch Walnuts Road. Drive for a c...[Read More]

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7. 9.07 mi from Las Gaviotas
Do Drummond! (It's easier than you think)

Whoever named the Great Dismal Swamp was misguided, or just never made the effort to get to its beautiful heart. Lake Drummond is among the most secluded, most spectacular wild places that you can still visit o...[Read More]

Adults Free
8. 9.23 mi from Las Gaviotas
Norfolk Tides Harbor Park

Beer, Dogs, Laughter ... and oh yeah, a little bit of Baseball. A game at Harbor Park is like a relaxed summertime barbecue. The baseball is almost incidental to the experience. For one, Harbor Park is situated...[Read More]

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9. 9.31 mi from Las Gaviotas
Ride the Tide to the Tides

Take your child for a ride on The Tide to see the Tides. Park at Macarthur Center Mall, walk down to catch The Tide ($1.50 adult ticket) and stay on for the round trip. You'll see a little bit of downtown Norfol...[Read More]

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10. 9.59 mi from Las Gaviotas
Battleship Wisconsin

Norfolk is a Navy town, and I freely proclaim that it makes me proud to be one of her citizens! My husband and I make a visit to the Wisconsin once a season, not so much to be entertained, but more as a pilgrim...[Read More]

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