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Cedar Crossing


United States
36° 42' 45.7992" N, 76° 16' 58.3392" W
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Hello, neighbor, and welcome to the Cedar Crossing Neighbor Nexus. So what is a NEXUS, anyway, and why should you care? Well, a nexus is a means of connection, a link, or the center of a group. So Neighbor Nexus is an information center for Cedar Crossing … a web space for not only your neighbors, but your local small businesses, schools, and organizations, too.

Browse through the many features and functions that are available to you, including classified ads from your neighbors, great deals from your local businesses, and announcements and information concerning your community. Interact, add your own classified, discussion, or whatever. You can be anonymous or make yourself known ... It's up to you. And remember, Neighbor Nexus is free --- always will be!
25 acres
Housing Units: 
225 residences
605 neighbors
Age 64+: 
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Median Household Income: