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My favorite Japanese in Chesapeake

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Kagura Japanese Restaurant
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Don't judge a book by it's cover. That's what my Mom always told me, and it definitely applies to Kagura Japanese restaurant. Situated in a 1980's-era strip mall in the Great Bridge Shopping Center, you could easily pass it by on your way to Panera (which is next door). But step inside and you are transported to a funky, hip restaurant that serves delicious Japanese food at an all-u-can-eat format. I was skeptical about the quality and freshness given that fact that it's all-u-can-eat (only in America). But to my delight, the food is delicious and prepared with skill and care. Sushi, beef teriyaku, tempura, yakitori, yakisoba - all of my favorites are on the menu. I highly recommend Kagura Japanese Restaurant.

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$11 - $30
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All over the map!
Fine dining
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