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Repaired My Tire for Free

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I should probably put two reviews in here for Merchant's Tire on Cedar Road. One would have been a one star, but this related to an experience that I had there over two years ago (took car in for a state inspection, got a pink failure sticker, and ended up $2000 poorer). However, this particular location is under new management, it seems. Blew out a tire after hitting a serious pothole on 264. Went by the new Tread Quarters and was dismayed at the prices. Reluctantly stopped by Merchant's and was very pleasantly surprised. Prices were over 30% less than Tread Quarters, and they could get them in stock quicker! Hey, I'm a happy customer! Three months go by and I hit the aforementioned pothole. Dragged it back to Merchant's and they fixed it for free. Hey, I'm an even happier customer! In fact, I would have given these guys five stars, but it took them a full day to repair my tire, so I was stuck on a doughnut for a while. Merchant's has redeemed themselves to me. I recommend!

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