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Best Wine Shop in Hampton Roads!!!

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Let's Talk Wine - Edinburgh
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I'm not a wine person (so take that into account as you read this review!). In fact, I distinctly lack any semblance of discerning taste buds or a discriminating palate for wines. I just know that I prefer reds over whites and gravitate towards prices that do not border on the outrageous. I'm not proud of this, I wish I could be more 'sophisticated' when it comes to choosing wines. There is always a small amount of stress when I'm at a restaurant and on the spot to choose something from the wine list. I usually go for price - not too cheap, not too expensive, but just right in the middle to make it look like I know what I'm doing.

So when my (winey) friends from California decided to stay at our house, I panicked. I wanted to impress them with our wine selection, but I did not know (or have the time to research) any good wines to purchase. And I didn't want to wander around the Home Depot-like warehouse of Total Wine. So a neighbor recommended Let's Talk Wine, and, hallelujah, I was saved! I was a little intimidated when I first walked in. Mr. Ian Honaker (sp?) is the proprietor, and here was this tall business owner, former wine sommelier, and overall good looking man asking me if I needed help. Well, yes ... but I didn't want to SEEM like I needed help. To my shame, I was preparing myself for condescension, pretention, and other negative attributes, based primarily on my own insecurities.

But what I found, to my delight and relief, was a sincere, friendly, and absolutely professional gentleman who guided me to affordable and delicious wines. He brought his many years of wine experience to bear for me, and his recommendations were spot on! My (somewhat pretentious) friends were duly impressed. And I have a "go-to" wine shop for the rest of my days! Visit Let's Talk Wine and be open to Mr. Honaker's recommendations. He's like a foodie friend that you wished you had for easy recommendations. Good-bye Total Wine, Hello Let's Talk Wine!

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