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Great Bridge Family YMCA
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I LOVE the Great Bridge YMCA. It is so vibrant and alive - you can feel the energy of the families that attend and it's infectious! What I love most about this particular YMCA is that it is a gym for everybody. While there are many people in great shape here (not me), there are just as many newbies who have just gotten on the path back to fitness (yeah, that's me). I used to belong to another gym on Cedar Road, and it's like they expected me to be an olympic athlete or something. Going to that gym was literally dreadful and it felt like a punishment. Now, at this Y, I'm in exercise classes with a group of my peers, both from and age and a fitness-level perspective. This YMCA is definitely more expensive that where I was before (try 3x the cost), but it is worth it to me. It is a place I LOOK FORWARD to attending. I highly recommend it.

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