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Nice, but a few complaints

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Great Bridge Family YMCA
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I want to love this Y - it's so much nicer than the one in Seattle that I used to go to. This one feels very vibrant and I SOOOO want to give it five stars. But, I can only give it three stars because of the self-focused personal trainers that seem to dominate the equipment. I understand working in with somebody, but this gentleman had five women do three sets on the squat machine, while also explaining the exercise as they went. And of course, he was doing this at 6pm prime time, which means I had to wait over 30 minutes to get onto the machine - the whole reason I was at the gym in the first place. He actually ran to the machine to claim it when he saw me starting to put weights onto the bar, and said he had priority because he was a personal trainer! When I asked another employee to clarify the policy, they just told me to work another piece of equipment. Okay, fine, but do you really need to dominate a single piece of equipment for 30 minutes straight? At $86 a month, I feel I should have equal access to the equipment.

And while I'm on a rant, how about telling the life guards at the pool to lay off the whistle a little bit, eh? And let me play with my child for goodness sake, without assuming that I am trying to drown him.

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