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Over Vaccinating

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I was initially very impressed and pleased with this vet. Unfortunately when it came down to vaccinating my puppy we did not see eye to eye. They insisted that he needed to be vaccinated every 2 weeks until 20 weeks of age. Which came out to a total of FIVE DA2PPV. I told them I did not want the extra two and thought it was very excessive. They told me that it was standard procedure and that any vet I went to would tell me the same. So when I went to take him to swimming classes they wouldn't accept my paperwork because they had written on it that he REQUIRED TWO more vaccines. I called them up, they refused to change it and insisted he was NOT safe to be around other dogs until he got the last one.
I very promptly took him to another vet and they took a look at him. I showed him his record, asked his opinion, and he told me that he was perfectly up to date and healthy, no need to over vaccinate, especially for no reason.

I would NOT recommend taking your dog there. Unless you dish out the cash and OVER vaccinate your dog then they'll make it so you can't take your puppy to any classes or facility! I'm all for vaccinations, they are VERY important, but when your going to put my dogs health at risk by OVER VACCINATING because you think you can suck a couple hundred more bucks out of me because you think you can force me to come back by screwing with the paperwork? Think again. I put my dog first, they can line they're pockets somewhere else. And all this coming from a so called 'holistic' practice.

I recommend Dr. David Morris at Virginia Beach Veterinary Hospital.

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