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Relentless Upsellers

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I just needed an oil change. At Merchant's, you can expect to pay over $40 for a simple oil change, but hey, it's super convenient to my neighborhood. I go to the counter and the clerk immediately starts upselling me from the "basic" $40 oil change to the more expensive synthetic versions. I politely say no and she starts selling with the implication that the $40 basic oil change will ultimately harm my car. Whatever...no thanks. I'm thinking about leaving, but heck, I'm here. She says there's cars in front of me so it'll be about an hour. I walk to Food Lion, get a phone call that it will be two hours. Fine, I can walk home from here, so I do. No phone call, so I call. It won't be ready until tomorrow. I'm frustrated, now. The next morning I walk over as soon as they open and wait yet another hour until they do a 10 minute oil change. Before I check out, the clerk tells me that I'm near halfway on my brake pad, and if I was getting an inspection she would fail me! Never again.

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