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Tasty - but by no means "Skinny"

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The frozen yogurt at the Skinny Dip tastes good. Very good. But honestly, when you drop 16grams of sugar on 4oz of any product, it's going to taste good. And that's the reason I have given The Skinny Dip a 3 star review. Eating this stuff will not make you skinny at all. It will do the opposite. While it's an amusing name in a juvenile sense, it's also a deceptive name to those not mature enough to realize the 23g of carbs in a 4oz serving is not a good nutrient to calorie ratio. And this doesn't even count the slew of sugar filled toppings that your kids will feel compelled to put on top (e.g. gummy worms, rock chocolate, etc.) It tastes good and it is definitely worth a stop for a once a month treat, but not once a day. The owners of Skinny Dip have tried to make it bright and happy, but it's rather cold and uncomforatble if you try to sit down with your family in one of the "booths". They have not invested in keeping you there - it feels like they want you to buy and leave.
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under $10
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Fast food-like
Usually pretty empty
Bring 'em on!
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wendypare's picture

I couldn't agree with you more! Great review. This place is about as far away from getting skinny as you can get.