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Simple things to improve your day

Simple Things for Las Gaviotas
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Sometimes, the simplest things can brighten up the gloomiest of days. Your neighbors in Las Gaviotas suggested some of the activities below. Try them out, add a rating, or suggest your own.

We love new ideas and new ways to help us experience the beauty in every day. Add your suggestions to the list.
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21. Suggested by a neighbor in Las Gaviotas 5 years 4 weeks ago
Reuse Toilet Paper (uh, rolls)!

I'm always a little ashamed at how much waste my family generates, so I'm constantly looking for ways not so much to recycle, but to re-purpose. The other thing I've noticed is the amount of cords for...[Read More]

22. Suggested by a neighbor in Cedar Crossing 5 years 4 weeks ago
Clean Sandy Feet with baby Powder

Next time you're on the beach, bring a bottle of baby powder with you. When you're gathering all your stuff and trudging to the car, take a moment to spray the baby powder on your legs and feet. Rub into any l...[Read More]

23. Suggested by a neighbor in Cedar Crossing 5 years 4 weeks ago
Store Wrapping Paper On Ceiling

If you're like me, you probably have about 15 rolls of wrapping paper in various states of use. For 98% of the year, they take up valuable closet space, and in a 1200 sqft home, I do mean valuable. So I elect to...[Read More]

24. Suggested by a neighbor in Cahoon Plantation 5 years 4 weeks ago
Find Lost Small Items

If you keep losing that earring or guitar pick or Lego behind the sofa, here's a great way to find them while putting your old pantyhose to work at the same time! Just cover the head of the vacuum hose with an...[Read More]

25. Suggested by a neighbor in Cedarwood 5 years 4 weeks ago
Gummi Zombies

This is a project for rainy Sunday afternoons when your kids are driving you bonkers. Grab that bag of gummi bears that have been forgotten in your pantry for 2 years. Select the gummi unfortunates with care....[Read More]

26. Suggested by a neighbor in Country Club Meadows 5 years 4 weeks ago
Binder Clip Cord Organizer

My digital life is full of cords, and the easiest/cheapest way I've found to manage them all is to use large binder clips to act as an organizer. Just clip the side of your computer workstation with the mouth o...[Read More]

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