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35mm Stained Glass Slides


Here's a beautiful way to remember your memories for we neighbors around before the advent of digital photography. All you need is some fishing line, a small hole punch, and a lot of old 35mm slides. I was a photography buff since I bought my first Nikon F5 at age 17 (bought with a summer of babysitting savings). Lord how I loved to take photos, and while I definitely appreciate the ease of digital photography, it does break my heart to see my neglected boxes full of old 35mm slides. Thankfully a creative friend of mine showed me what she did with her old slides, and my house suddenly came alive with the images of my life. String them together into a curtain of slides, hand then in a doorway or kitchen window, and you will get a wonderful stained glass effect. In fact, I took my old stained glass windows down in favor of my slide shades. I absolutely love having my first morning coffee and slowly waking up in the light of my fondest memories.

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amyb's picture

OMG, I LOVE this idea! Thank you!