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Norfolk Tides Harbor Park


Beer, Dogs, Laughter ... and oh yeah, a little bit of Baseball. A game at Harbor Park is like a relaxed summertime barbecue. The baseball is almost incidental to the experience. For one, Harbor Park is situated just off major shipping traffic on the Elizabeth River, so half the fun for me is to watch the different merchant ships cruising down the waterway. The stadium itself is fairly new and in great shape. Seating is optimal and, as I mentioned, the views are fantastic of downtown Norfolk and some of the shipyards on the Elizabeth. It has the nostalgic, industrial feel of heavy industry in the age of the iPhone. As another neighbor mentioned, we rode The Tide after parking at the MacArthur Center. Very cheap and very convenient, as it was great to stop in the mall's food court for a quick bite after the game. The Norfolk Tides organization is very family centered, and you will feel that as soon as you attend any game.


150 Park Ave
Norfolk, VA 23510
United States
36° 50' 33.5652" N, 76° 16' 40.9368" W
Cost Description: 
Tickets are about $9.50 a person. A delicious dog and a cool beer will set you back about $7.
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What's more American than baseball?
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