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Old Dominion Basketball Game


An ODU basketball game is an inexpensive ticket into the exciting world of NCAA sports. Not only are you regaled with the top athletic talent (both men and women) in the area, but there is plenty of color and entertainment from the pep band, the cheerleaders, and the dance team. My kids were swept away with the cheering, the music, and the squeeks from the basketball court, and absolutely loved the athletic cheerleaders flipping, jumping, and smiling. Whether winning or losing, an ODU game presents a certain pageantry of sports that you don't really get from other Hampton Roads venues. The Ted Constant Center is a striking facility, and presents a great view of the court no matter the seat you are assigned. Take your kids or your neighbors to the game even if they are not sports fans. You can't help but appreciate the magic of college spirit that is pervasive throughout the event.


4320 Hampton Boulevard
Norfolk, VA 23529
United States
36° 53' 2.9292" N, 76° 18' 4.6548" W
Cost Description: 
$16 for adults, $13 for kids. Check the website for season tickets, which are more of a bargain per game.
Age Description: 
Ages 6-85.
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suziep's picture

Don't forget about the other sports too! Soccer, football, volleyball, they are all exciting. GO ODU!!!!