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Tissue Box Plastic Grocery Bag Dispenser


So after about 20,000 plastic grocery bags shoved into a larger plastic garbage bag, we decided to make it look a little bit neater. They have bag dispenser solutions that you can buy from any Wal-Mart, but we wanted to re-use something we'd ordinarily throw away. And hey, that's one less plastic bag right there. Tissue boxes are the least "cluttered-looking" solution for me. I'm used to having tissue boxes stationed throughout the house, so one more in the kitchen that's stuffed with Food Lion bags instead of tissues is not even noticeable. For a portable solution in the car (ie doggie poo bags), we decided to stuff them into an old container of baby wipes. Works great. If you'd rather add a little of your own personal flavor to the bag dispenser, just cut a hole in any discarded cardboard box, then cover the top with wall paper or gift wrap paper. Advantage: personalized and holds more bags.

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