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Battleship Wisconsin


Norfolk is a Navy town, and I freely proclaim that it makes me proud to be one of her citizens! My husband and I make a visit to the Wisconsin once a season, not so much to be entertained, but more as a pilgrimage and a homage to the souls that served with her. Most of you have probably been aboard, and admittedly, you don't really get to see too much since you cannot go inside the body of the ship. But if you squint your eyes a bit, you can imagine yourself in the middle of a vast alien ocean, with no idea what threats lay over that blue horizon. Then you look up, and take comfort in those protective 16-inch guns, and you can feel your pride in the might of the United States well in your chest. Whenever I hear too much political news and feel myself chagrined at our divisiveness, I like to take a trip down to the Wisconsin and reflect on these instruments of singular purpose. It renews my faith that America is equipped to remain the land of the free.


1 Waterside Drive
Norfolk, VA
United States
36° 50' 52.2852" N, 76° 17' 43.7028" W
Cost Description: 
It's free to tour the Battleship and the Naval Museum. The third floor of Nauticus requires a fee.
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