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Be Danica Patrick at Motor World!


Okay, I was skeptical when we first pulled up to Motor World in Virginia Beach. The Park looks like a throwback from the 1950s with handpainted signs and pimply teenagers in the ticket booths. But this place was flat out fun, mostly because parents participate, too. I was mildly surprised by the sheer size of the place, as there are eleven different tracks with over 250 different go-karts. Each of the tracks has a different speed level, so that the kiddies can go pretty slow, the pre-teens can go faster, and the adults can absolutely zoom (45mph!). I didn't think I would be racing, but after seeing the smiles of other parents, I couldn't resist. The adult track is terrificly exhilarating, and I suddenly found myself back in line to race some more. I think I had more fun than my children did, so make sure you don't just watch! There's also bumper boats, splat zone, and a horribly high looking thing called the Skycoaster, in which you plunge in some kind of harness at 70mph. Not for me


700 South Birdneck Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
United States
36° 48' 59.148" N, 75° 59' 40.9992" W
Cost Description: 
The ticketing is confusing so I recommend going to their website: vbmotorworld.com. You can buy single races or a package. Each adult race was $25, so yeah, be prepared to spend a little money.
Age Description: 
Toddlers on up to Adults have a speed and a ride appropriate for them.
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If you're hosting a party, call ahead for prices. It can be shocking if you don't.