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Bells Mill Park


Nature's oasis in the very heart of Chesapeake! Runners, dog lovers, and birders alike will enjoy this easy-to-access respite from the suburban sprawl of central Chesapeake. Literally located right behind the Chesapeake City Hall, Bells Mill Park is a great place to enjoy the great outdoors without having to drive too far away. There is an approximately 5K running trail that circumambulates the park's two halves. To the right of the parking area, there are wide open meadows, to the left is a beautiful trail along the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River. Low impact, great for dogs!


424 Albemarle Drive
Chesapeake, VA 23322
United States
36° 43' 10.8948" N, 76° 15' 23.9112" W
Cost Description: 
Free, bring the family and the dog! The park is well groomed and there isn't much more to do than exercise in nature a little.
Age Description: 
The trail is low impact, but serious runners can do a couple of laps, or elders can take their time in the fresh air. Toddlers and animals can enjoy the many birds that roost in the meadows.
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Nancy Berry's picture

My dogs love this place and I do love how convenient it is to Cedar Road. All of the dog owners I have met are very good about picking up after their pets. I just wish the city were a little more diligent about emptying the trash cans near the entrance.

wendypare's picture

The city comes once a week. The majority of the time it is very clean, and I agree with you about the conscientiousness of the dog owners. Makes me proud of the city.

ellie's picture

Honestly, it's really hard to see the river through the trees. It is a nice place to walk in the city though. I've never seen more than one or two people out here at any time.