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Camp in a YURT


Kiptopeke State Park on the other side of the Bay Bridge Tunnel boasts the only YURT in the entire Virginia State Park System. What the heck's a yurt? Well, they are modern adaptations of ancient nomadic structures, consisting of a stout wooden frame and a durable bonded fabric. In short, there something between a tent and a cabin and it is an absolutely unique experience to stay in one. This particular yurt is only available until labor day and has spectacular views of the Chesapeake Bay. The entire park is a bit off the beaten path, so you will enjoy tranquility and peace during your stay. For activities, there is birding, hiking, and beach combing/swimming. Near the park entrance is an artificial lagoon created by a line of sunken concrete barges, which also happen to double as a fish hangout so bring your poles if you're an angler. If you're not keen on a yurt, Kiptopeke also has six bedroom cabins. It can get pricey to spend the night, but a day visit is free.


3540 Kiptopeke Drive
Cape Charles, VA 23310
United States
37° 10' 11.8056" N, 75° 58' 51.1644" W
Cost Description: 
The Yurt is about $92 bucks a night, but hey, a unique experience is priceless. Daytrips to the park are free. Oh yeah, don't forget about that rotten Bay Bridge fee of $13 (one way).
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