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Chesapeake Planetarium


I never knew we could explore other worlds right here on Cedar Road! The Chesapeake Planetarium is a throwback to the days of Sputnik, and is the coziest science center I've ever been in. Owned and operated by the Chesapeake Public School System, the planetarium also has Thursday evening shows that are open to the public. You can go by their website to make reservations. My kids were fascinated with the show which gave compelling visual instruction on the phases of the moon, the rotation of the earth, and the protective affects of the atmosphere against meteors. You even get a wonderful segment in which you get to explore the surface of an alien planet. The planetarium is small (this adds to its charm), so you will definitely need to call ahead to make reservations. This is such a great resource for kids and adults alike. I drove by it for years without a second glance, and now that I've visited, I'm a little bit smarter about the universe we live in.


312 Cedar Road
Chesapeake, VA 23322
United States
36° 42' 57.8304" N, 76° 15' 2.4228" W
Cost Description: 
You will need to make reservations at http://www.cpschools.com/departments/planetarium/
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