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Egg People!


Okay, you might roll your eyes about this one, but it does say "Simple" things, after all. My 4 year old LOVES THIS! Take a simple carton of eggs, and challenge your toddler to make a scene. Mine loves to make an Egg Army, complete with General Egg, and Private Yolk! It's so simple and so much fun (we do it twice a week - lots of omelets in my household), that even my 10-year old will secretly deign to particpate in some egg people, too. Her most creative was to set them up as an audience in a 3d movie theater, the carton being the stadium seating. Great for a rainy Sunday morning.

Cost Description: 
Okay, you have to buy a carton of eggs for $2.50, but then, you get to eat them!
Age Description: 
My 10 year old rolls her eyes when watching my 4 year old, but once she saw how much fun this is, she is the first one to grab a marker.
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wendypare's picture

What a cute idea! My daughter loves this activity. As a bonus, it makes my fridge a little more colorful, but I do feel a little guilty cracking works of art.

Nancy Berry's picture

This has now become a weekly ritual. Thank you, so simple and so fun.