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First Landing State Park


The best place in Hampton Roads for a soft jog. First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach has nine separate trails that collectively cover over 19 miles. You cover a variety of different habitats: cypress swamps, live oak, tall pines, marshland, and beach. The majority of the trails have a blanket of leaves, pine needles, or spongy loam, which will makes for a comfortable stroll or run. For the more aquatic minded, Kayak and boat launches are located in the park. There are also picnic and camping facilities, too, although our family has never camped here. The best time to visit is spring or fall. Summer can be a oppressive deep in the heart of the park, but if you stick to the beaches, it's always about 5 degrees cooler with a sea breeze. If you are a runner (like me!), the variety of trails keeps the place interesting and relevant. The high dunes trails actually has hills (yes, hills!) that are good change-up for your workout. If you're not a runner, it's a great place for a walk.


2500 Shore Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
United States
36° 54' 59.8104" N, 76° 3' 2.7504" W
Cost Description: 
I think there's a $5 parking fee for your car.
Age Description: 
Easy trails and a beach accessible for all.
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