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Free Cruise on Currituck Sound


Ever want to get on the water, but couldn't afford a boat? Then the Knott's Island Ferry is the ride for you, and best of all, it's free. We tend to incorporate a ride on the ferry when planning a visit down to the Outer Banks. You can catch the ferry at the end of Pungo Ferry Road in Virginia Beach, which leads you to Knotts Island on the North Carolina border. It's a beautiful drive as you will travel through the Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge. The first ferry departs from Knotts Island at 6:50 am, and then again about every two hours until 6:30 pm. It's about a 45 minute trip across beautiful Currituck Sound to Currituck, NC on the mainland. From there, it's easy to jump on the highway to get to the beaches or your favorite relaxing point on the OBX. The ferries have two cabins filled with chairs and tables on both the port and starboard side, with vending machines for snacks and drinks. Our kids love the scenery and playing cards as we cross the water. Try it!


Ferry Dock Road
Knotts Island, NC
United States
36° 29' 1.8276" N, 75° 55' 34.716" W
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It's totally free! Thank you North Carolina citizens. Love your state.
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Who doesn't enjoy being on the sound? It's a relaxing, beautiful trip.
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Take a camera. You can get great closeups of osprey nests as your approach the Currituck shore.