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Great Bridge Lock Park - Chess match!


Play chess under the trees at Great Bridge Lock Park. The city has packed a lot of things to do in such a small area. I think it's one of the prettier spots in the civic center of Chesapeake. You can watch the pretty yachts or the determined tugs come through the lock system operated by the Army Corps of Engineers. You can watch the Great Bridge rise and fall to accommodate the boats and cars. You can fish, you can boat (there are two very nicely equipped boat ramps), you can barbeque, you can hike, you can play a football game, you can play in the playground, or you can build a fire in one of the chimneys in the picnic shelter. Personally, there is a bench that overlooks the Elizabeth River, and that is my thing. A pretty view and lots to do, without having to tackle too much traffic (as long as the bridge is down). If you didn't bring a picnic, no sweat. Stroll over to Kelley's Tavern for a beer and a burger. Yum.


Locks Road
Chesapeake, VA 23320
United States
36° 43' 30.2376" N, 76° 14' 53.4876" W
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Unless you go to lunch at Kelly's Tavern.
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