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Magnetic Knife Block


Our family stores knives in a drawer, and after cutting my finger searching for the cleaver, I decided enough was enough. Did a little research on the internet and found this idea (wish I could claim it) that gave me something to do with my old computers as well. Salvage your old hard drives for the magnets that control the read head. They are quite powerful and would otherwise be thrown away. Get a pretty piece of salvage wood at least 1/2" thick. Bevel out a space for the magnets roughly 1/4" from the face of the block. Hacksaw some washers for hang hooks. Glue them in and - voila! No more cutting your finger digging through a drawer.

Caveats - probably not a good idea if we have a major earthquacke, but this is doubtful in Hampton Roads. You will want to put this well out of reach of children or clumsy spouses. Yikes.

Cost Description: 
You can make all of this stuff from scrap.
Age Description: 
Yeah, keep the toddlers away from hanging knives.
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