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The Mariner's Museum


Mix a little juicy maritime history with some salty sea lore, and the product is a fascinating day at the Mariner's Museum in Newport News. Unlike many of my neighbors, I am not ex-Navy or ex_USCG or ex-Anything. I'm just Suzie Civilian, which may be why I've ignored visiting this museum in all the years I've lived in Hampton Roads. (I've never really enjoyed touring Navy ships - all gray and all menacing.) How pleasurable it was to see how absolutely gorgeous this museum is. The miniature ship exhibits in particular are breathtaking. The artistry that went into creating these models is self-evident, and it gives you a palpable sense of the love that men have for ships and for the sea. Not being very good at history, it was also educational for me (as a 40-something adult!) to learn about the tremendous role that Hampton Roads played in national history. The Monitor exhibit is definitely worth a few hours. This museum is such a treat and should do a better job of advertising itself.


100 Museum Drive
Newport News, VA 23606
United States
37° 3' 18.7956" N, 76° 29' 24.0792" W
Cost Description: 
Cost for adults is $12. Children are $7. While not exactly cheap, I would say these prices are a bargain for what you will see.
Age Description: 
Kids to adults will enjoy the exhibits. It's kind of "hushed" so toddlers may fray your nerves a bit. Lots of glass exhibits, too, so you may want to get a sitter for anyone under 4 or so.
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