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Mount Trashmore


Finally, a park where kids can play while the parents can get in a little exercise, too! Most city parks are pretty small and so, as a parent, I found myself often marginalized to a park bench as a mere observer of my children having fun. (I love my kids having fun, but frankly, sitting on a park bench as an observer felt boring and a big waste of personal time.) Mount Trashmore is a big, bustling park that you can't miss as you zoom by on 264. What you can miss, however, (if you don't stop and check it out) is the myriad activities and open space in the park. For one, the park is HUGE at 165 acres. If you like walking/running, there are three separate trails totaling nearly five miles cumulatively. There is of course the giant hill on which you can run steps, and unlike a stairmaster, you can actually get to the top and be rewarded with a beautiful view of Virginia Beach. Basketball, Volleyball, Skatepark, kids cove, picnic shelters, fishing docks, snack center, and restrooms. Nice!


310 Edwin Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
United States
36° 49' 33.9672" N, 76° 7' 51.6108" W
Cost Description: 
A great way for everyone to be entertained without spending any money.
Age Description: 
Basketball for teens, playground for kids, trails for adults.
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