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Munden Point Park


Munden Point has a little something for everyone. From a boat launch, a playground, baseball diamond, disc golf, basketball hoops, horseshoes, windmills, bike paths, canoe rentals and beautiful views of the North Landing River, there is something here for every age group in the family. This often-empty park is a jewel in the Virginia Beach city park system. Well groomed and beautiful, I think it's relative remoteness keeps the visitor levels down. Whenever family comes in to town, we take them to this park. The toddlers can play on the playgrounds, the teens on the basketball court, and the adults can take a boat ride or launch a kayak into Oakum creek, which is filled with pretty cypress trees (and water snakes too, beware!). Highly recommended park for the whole family.


2001 Pefley Ln
Virginia Beach, VA
United States
36° 35' 1.4172" N, 76° 2' 13.1208" W
Cost Description: 
I think there is a small $5 fee to use the boat ramp to launch a boat. Not sure about that, though.
Age Description: 
Something to do for everyone here. Many picnic shelters to have a great summer day!
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