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Oak Grove Lake Park


If you want to add a little scenery to your walking / jogging routine, Oak Grove Lake Park is the place to come. You can't miss it as you zoom past on the Chesapeake Expressway. The real challenge is actually getting to the park entrance, but luckily Google has solved that for us now :) I'm mostly a treadmill runner, but every now and then I just can't seem to work up the will to take one more step going nowhere. So, as a change and as a way of renewal, I come to Oak Grove Lake Park to do laps. The circuit around the lake is approximately 2 miles long and most of it is cushioned in a nice mix of dirt, leaves, and pine needles. Everyone seems friendly on the trail and I feel totally safe running it. Often, I see men young and old fishing from some of the decks that line the lake. There is also a playground and some picnic shelters near the park entrance, so this can be a good place to bring the family. It gets very humid during August, so not the best time to run.


409 Byron Street
Chesapeake, VA 23320
United States
36° 45' 20.2212" N, 76° 15' 32.7096" W
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