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Virginia Living Museum


They should rename this place to the Virginia Biosphere Museum. I ignored this place for years, because I equated Virginia 'Living' Museum to actors dressed in colonial clothes showing tourists how they lived in wool before air conditioning. My ignorance led me to believe that it would bore me and bore my kids, too. I finally went on the insistence of a friend, and I was pleasantly ashamed of how wrong I was. This has got to be one of the premier environmental museums in the entire state! It's like an aquarium, a zoo, a science center, a planetarium, and a pretty darn good restaurant all wrapped up into a really fantastic and entertaining resource for our family. The VLM is roughly split into six different habitats and they are so "real" and so beautiful that you feel like you've taken a jet to visit each part of the state. These habitats include the Coastal Plain, Piedmont and Mountains, Cypress Swamp, Mountain Cove, Virginia Underground and After Dark. Try it!


524 J Clyde Morris Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23601
United States
37° 4' 9.21" N, 76° 28' 47.5284" W
Cost Description: 
Adults $17 and Kids $13. Yeah, it's expensive, but the place is worth it to me.
Age Description: 
Teens to Toddlers will like it.
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wendypare's picture

I admit, I was guilty of ignoring this place, too, because of the generic term "Living". We bought an annual membership because of the the relatively high ticket prices. I use this place to take the kids on steamy summer days. It's cool and dark inside and there are plenty of things for them to explore.

ellie's picture

So funny on the confusion surrounding the word living. I got the same thing when I told my visiting grandkids that we were going to the Living Museum. A chorus of "that sounds boring!" got morphed into "Awesome!" as soon as we got there. Highly recommended if you have never been, adults or grandkids alike!