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World of Wonder Children's Adventure Garden


I never would have associated the Norfolk Botanical Gardens as a great place for little kids. But the WoW (World of Wonder) at the Botanical Gardens definitely makes my little ones say "Wow!" when they saw it last summer. Colorful playground equipment, sprinkling fountains, refreshing foggers, interesting habitats, and of course, beautiful flowers make this a perfect spot for summer heat relief. I had visited the Norfolk Botanical Gardens years ago, and while pretty, I left thinking it was a place for old people with architecture stuck in the 1960s. But a friend of mine convinced me that the place had been updated, and she was absolutely right. Your toddlers will absolutely love the new Children's Adventure Garden, which is a good mix of physical play and some high level educational opportunities. Don't forget a bathing suit (Momma's too) as 90% of the fun is running through the water jets!


6700 Azalea Garden Road
Norfolk, VA 23518
United States
36° 54' 8.3448" N, 76° 11' 55.7592" W
Cost Description: 
It's $9 for an adult and $7 for kids age 3-18. Not too bad for a cool activity on a hot summer day.
Age Description: 
Kids 10 and younger should get a kick out of this place. Your older children may find the educational plant habitats interesting.
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